Please welcome- Junior & Willie ^_^

I may have mentioned that I love cats. We've added two new members to our feline family (we're at 4 now if anyone's counting). Please say hello to Junior and Willie!


I am a sucker for senior cats. Everyone always wants kittens because they are super cute of course, but they are a lot of work. I prefer the older guys who need a break. If you're ever looking for a cat, please consider the seniors- they're housebroken and just need love! These 2 are about 12 years old and their owners had to go into a nursing home and couldn't take them. So they've been sitting at the vets office for the last few weeks. They are also bonded so they can't be separated. There's no way I could let two seniors go to a shelter if I could help it. So here they are! So far, they are very sweet and loving. They're getting adjusted and we'll introduce them to the other two soon. Watch this space for more about them, and our other babies, Saoirse (aka Baby) and Joe!

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